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99% Liberty
DJ, Put It Back On
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3rd-Sep-2010 12:55 am - Biases
Melanie lip licking
* 2AM - JoKwon
* 4minute - HyunA
* After School - Lizzy and Uee
* Arashi - Ohno
* B2ST - YoSeob
* Big Bang - TOP
* DBSK - Changmin
* f(x) - All of them.
* Kara - Hara and Gyuri
* Morning Musume - Tanaka Reina
* Nine Muses - Sera and Bini
* Rainbow - All of them.
* SNSD - Taengoo, Hyoyeon, Yoong, Fany.
* Super Junior - Ryeowook
* T-ara - Hyomin
* w-inds. - Keita
* Wonder Girls - SoHee
* Solo artists: Son Dambi, G.NA, Kago Ai, Goto Maki, Koda Kumi, Rain, Utada
26th-Feb-2010 11:46 am - Final Jay/2PM Rant
Melanie lip licking
Alright since other hottests have called me out and such, I'm going to make one final response to you guys.

The first thing all of you seem to do is blame/rage at JYP. I'm sorry ladies but that man is not to blame in any way shape or form.

One, he brought you Jay.  You ungrateful people seem to forget that. Two, you say he should have protected Jay. I'm sorry, what could he have possibly done to protect Jay? Come out and release a statement that tells the netizens to fuck off and to leave him alone? That would have done nothing. He couldn't have done anything to stop that shitstorm. Three you say everything is his fault and he's trying to blame Jay. I'm sorry, what? It was the netizens who cause all this. Or did you forget the death threats? The suicide petitions? All that shit. You forgot it and then started sending death threats to him. You fucking hypocrites. You know what, even if he didn't mention the other scandal you'd still be asking questions. The only way you wouldn't call JYP a liar is if Jay was coming back. You are a bunch of delusional people.

Oh and you seem to blame JYP for kicking him out. I don't know if you guys know this, but JYP doesn't decide everything at JYPE. There's a fucking committee that decides shit via democracy. You idiots.

Another thing you seem to want to do is boycott.

What? What purpose does that have? To show you don't like JYP? I'm sorry but the death threats already covered that. I don't know what you guys think boycotting will do other than nothing. It's not going to bring Jay back that's for sure. Or are you trying to bring JYPE down? But what would that accomplish other than taking away the rest of 2PM you seem to have forgotten about? 

Oh and that brings up my next point. THE REST OF 2PM. Have you guys thought about how these guys feel. OVER 50000 OF YOU GUYS LEFT THE CAFE BECAUSE JAY IS OFFICIALLY GONE. You guys showed some love there. You know tearing up your 2pm shit and leaving the fandom shows just how much of a hottest you were. You weren't hottests. You were Jay fans. You probably came in post-Jay and left now that he's gone for good. You are fake hottests and I'm glad you guys left.

Another thing you guys tend to bring up is that 2PM wouldn't agree to let Jay go. I'm sorry, do you know 2PM personally? No? THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH YOUR SUBJECTIVE BULLSHIT.

I'll end this telling you guys what you should be doing instead of doing meaningless protest. Send letters of support to the rest of 2PM. I already sent one letter. I did the same thing with SunMi, I sent 10 letters of support telling her good luck and that I hope that she'll be happy with her studies. That I'll miss her and I'll still support the girls with or without her, even though I will miss her so much. My letter for 2PM I spent hours trying to actually write some sentences in korean to make a point. With or without Jay I am a hottest. And now that they need me and others more than ever, you know I'm going to give them all the support I can.
24th-Feb-2010 06:24 am - Troublemaker Gifs
Melanie lip licking
I would post these to a community, but I wouldn't know where to post them.
Gifs after the cut...Collapse )
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